At RNTD we stock styles from a variety of international brands. Please refer to our size guide below with the relevant international conversions to find your perfect fit.

XS 6 2 6 34
S 8 4 8 36
M 10 6 10 38
L 12 8 12 40
XL 14 10 14 42



Hi babes! We are Mish & Shane'

As sisters we grew up sharing clothes between our closets. As we got older, we developed our own personal sense of styles while still having the benefit of dipping into each other’s closets whenever we needed for a new look for a night out or an upcoming event. We love the idea of getting the most out of our clothes by sharing items. We realized we could wear the same outfit, but style it uniquely, and that’s what made the look our very own!

Determined to transform the way we consume fashion, we launched RNTD, a clothing rental platform in Dubai with the vision of expanding across the UAE.

Users can rent fashion directly on our platform for a fraction of the retail cost. Our aim is to focus on access to fashion rather than ownership.

We describe ourselves as forward-thinking women who believe that renting makes both financial and environmental sense. The next step in fashion is to shift the trajectory of the fashion industry in a more sustainable direction, and we are so here for it!

“Our mission is to shake up the fashion industry & transform the way fashion is consumed. Here's to the rise of the conscious consumer.”


With fast fashion booming, it’s become more obvious how polluting the fashion industry has become. Fashion consumes an estimated 93 billion cubic meters of water per year that could meet the water consumption needs of five million people. Aware of the devastating statistics, we asked ourselves: How can we combine our love of fashion with a sustainable lifestyle? Queue rental fashion!

Who You Are

You're stylish. You're savvy. You're saucy. Girl, we get want to look your best because when you do, you feel your best. We're here to give you access to your dream closet at a fraction of the retail cost. We know you care about the planet and making better choices and we're here to help you make more conscious shopping decisions. From fashion hacks to style inspo, we got you covered!